Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hawkins Affair Recap

Hawkins Affair Recap

Here is it, a few days past my 6 MONTH anniversary and I'm STILL slacking ont the recap! 

For shame! 

You, see, what had happened was...the photographer sent our wedding pics on 2 CDs.  The ceremony was on one and the reception on another. 

Well...I lost the ceremony CD.  I know.  WHO does that?  Who plans for months, gets married and then loses their pics!?!? 

I do, that's who.

Worse yet, I totally stalled asking her for a new one just hoping that my forverlosingsomething self would remember what I did with it.


So I finally sucked it up and asked her for a copy.  It arrived broken.  And somewhere along the way, I have managed to lose the CD with the reception pics.

So you see, I'm in a bit of a quandry here :)

But never fear, I'm working on a 3rd copy of our pics and am pulling pics from the guest photos.  Hopefully, I'll have things sorted out before our 1 year anniversary :).

Lady Hawk


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