Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life


Last night we met with our DJ.

We are sooooooo excited about all that he is offering us!
  • Unlimited hours of music
  • Up Lighting (we were able to custom order the color green we want)
Not our actual color green! LOL!
  • GOBO
  • 50 inch flat screens to show a video and slideshow
CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! Now we just have to settle on picking songs for the ceremony and reception! First dance, reception entrance, etc. OH BOY...we are already not agree on songs! WHEW...but we have six months to go!!! LOL

How did you settle on your songs?


6 Months To Go!!!

We are at the half way mark!

6 months to go!! Sounds so far away, yet it sounds like it's right around the corner at the same time!! :o)

Things are coming along smoothly!

And in the last week we have gotten so many things done.

  • Engagement Pics taken
  • Wedding video invitation shot
  • Baker booked
  • DJ booked
  • Officiants booked
  • Florist...well we are still deciding! :o)

YES! All of that in ONE week!! *patting myself on the back* LOL

Now that those things are marked off the's on to the other 50 items! WHOOP WHOOP!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Composite Rose Bouquets

Ummmmmmmmmmm can you say OBSESSED????

YUP that would be me when it comes to these composite rose bouquets. I THOUGHT I was in love with the calla lily now I feel like I HAVE to have this bouquet! PERIOD! NO QUESTIONS! Check back next week when my mind is completely changed.

What do you guys think of these? Are they just AMAZING!?!? LOL

If you have any DIY tutorials on these PLEASE post!!! Thanks in advance!! :o)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ed & Donnica's Wedding Invitation & Love Story

Our photographer told us that 80% of the people attending our wedding don't know us together as a true! So he offers this wedding invitation/love story for the couple to introduce themselves to the guests. WE absolutely had a great time!!

Hope you all enjoy!! :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


WHEWWWWWWWWWW! Who knew it would be so hard to pick stuff that you want?? I mean really! LOL!!!!!!!!

Well I have to say that Gift Registry 360 has been a LIFE SAVER and I LOVE IT!

We wanted to register at Home Depot but they don't do online registries anymore. Gift Registry 360 pulls from different stores...Home Depot Included!!!

WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!! ;)

Anyone else find any great registry sites?


Monday, February 21, 2011

First DIY Attempt

I tried my hands at the boutonnieres. For the sake of not wanting to spell that out several times we are going to refer to them as BOUTONS from here on out (Thanks Stephanie) LOL

I know my first attempt was supposed to be the Card box...but I kind of got excited about these boutons and figured it may be easier! Plus I had all of the materials already!

I did one green and one white Calla Lily! And then used green orchids to spruce it up! I took a strand of ribbon and circled around the stems and they are being held in place with the bouton pins. Debating on whether to use a glue gun or some fabric glue to hold it in place.

This has really given me a boost and I'm ready to DIY my way to the alter! LOL!!

What you guys think? Have any pics of your DIY projects?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ring Finger Meaning

WOW...ran across this at BridePOP.

I guess I'm still feeling some kind of way about Valentine's Day! :) HA!


Shoes Purchased!!!!

Let me just first say this has really been one of the BEST experiences of my life! My to do list is longer than ever! But I'm enjoying each minute!!!

TO DO item #48 DONE!!

Shoes are purchased!!!

But get this!! I didn't buy them!!!!

A lovely angel wanted to do something special for me and she bought my shoes! WHAT??? YES!!!!!!!! Now I've thanked her so much already, she doesn't want to hear about anymore! LOL Well I definitely wanted to share it with you all!! And of course...THANK HER ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!! :)

Anyone else have any great stories like this?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You are Invited!

So, I have been plundering away in making wedding plans, but the best laid plans mean nothing if you do not invite anyone to come out, so this weeks work has been INVITATIONS!  I really did not have a firm idea on what the invitations were going to look like.  I knew that I wanted them unique.  I knew that they had to go along with the peacock theme.  I knew that they had to have style, pizazz, uniquability, and carefully coordinated!  Where to go for all of that and stay within budget?  Zazzle! 

Now, this website is wonderful.  Now, you have the option to create your own items: tshirts, I-anything case, ties, shoes, invitations, and plenty more.  While you can do that, you also have the option to go to see what real artists have designed, they have their own 'store' for you to visit to see their inventory.  There were HUNDREDS of peacock designs, but after browsing along with a few pals and shooting emails back and forth, I noticed that one designers name kept popping up whenever a design caught my eye.  Keep in mind that as long as the designer has everything that you want in their store, you can simply make your order online and your order will come along in just a few days.  But, if you notice that there are different items that you might want to coordinate with your project, you can reach out to the artist to see if they would be willing to update their store with the item that you want. 

Audrey Jeanne is the Zazzle designer that I contacted.  I wrote her and she wrote back within moments!  I explained to her that I was interested in her invitations, but wanted to do RSVP postcards (thankful to save a few dimes on return postage) instead of the envelopes.  Within a few minutes, she had created a postcard for me, answered all of my many questions, and had a fantastic demeanor all along! 

I know, I know... shut up and show us the work, right?  Here you go!!!

It's Been a Long Time...

Hey!!!  I'm Baaack...  I remember when I first started out on this journey, I was just floating along, everything was just coming SO easy, I was walking slowly and carrying a BIG STICK wondering when the wedding drama monster was coming to get me.  Well, he came.  And I beat his tail.  It was like EVERYTHING was going so perfectly.  Found a venue in record time.  Found the bridesmaid dress that I liked the first time I went out (I didn't want to trust my first mind, so I took myself through way too much drama in looking for something else, but went back to my first love).  Found THE dress that I wanted the first time that I went out dress shopping.  Had amazing engagement photos.  You see where I am going here?  It was just TOO good and I think that I had some sort of self-fulfiling prophecy of just grinding myself into a halt and not moving forward.  I expected things to not go perfectly smooth and my expectations caught up to me!

Well, last night... after having a heart to heart with my fellow warrior, I have decided to stop expecting something to happen and just expect the BEST!  Not keep walking around with my big stick, expecting something to pop out for me to beat over the head...  Maybe now I can get my swagger back and walk tall in my stillettos!