Thursday, May 19, 2011

100 DAYS!!!

Can't believe I have 100 days til I'se married!! I'm so excited and so ready!! It seems like it's close but then it seems like it's far away! I haven't done a daily countdown. But I admit not that we are over the three digit hump it may start! LOL!!

Are you counting down!?!?


Friday, May 13, 2011


What was that one thing that you wanted that you just can not have in your wedding? Or have you had all of your dreams fulfilled!

I was trying to think about if I had an unlimited budget what would I change. The only thing I could think of was shuttles from the airport! LOL!! And that's free now, they just won't run after 10pm! Soooo then I'm thinking maybe I need to think bigger. And it hit me.


That was the original plan and it didn't quite work because of family not having passports and having to pay to stay at a resort. But if my budget was unlimited I would just pay for those that couldn't...or shoot EVERYONE and we would be on SOMEONE'S island, sipping on some drink, and preparing to walk down the aisle ON THE BEACH!!!

What's your dream?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My linen closet is FULL!

And I have more serving dishes than the average bear. In fact, my cup runneth over. So much so that I'm planning for a monster yard sale at the end of the month. Between the two of us, CTE and I have two of everything: shower curtains, TV trays, dishes, TVs, get the picture. As we speak, there is a growing pile-of-crap taking over the living room. Whatever doesn't sell, will be given away. I don't care where it ends up as long as it's G.O.N.E. Once that's done, registering for even more STUFF will be the LAST thing on my "To Do" list!

DC2 recommended a Honeymoon Registry and so I'm off to research those. On the surface, it seems like the perfect solution: a convenient means to a gift will actually need & use. BUT...I'm a wee bit leary because A) it so darn close to being tacky (as in asking for moolah) and B) a lot of these places seem to profit off of charging your guest a service fee (I guess that's the equivalent of paying tax @ a brick & mortar). But this might be our best bet - else, y'all might see me on an episode of Clean House (JUST JOKING - I'm far too much of a germ freak to allow that to ever happen).

So have any of y'all looked into honeymoon registries? Can you spare any words of advice or caution? Please share and save me from a pile of dish towels!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Jumping The Broom" Movie Review

Let me start by saying we are not jumping the broom! *sigh* I really wanted to but Mr. E didn't and I just didn't want to make the case. However, the history of "jumping the broom" is in our blood. Marriage was not recognized for blacks during slavery. Jumping the broom was a symbol declaring they were now one. After the end of slavery, this ritual declined but still is quite a tradition in the African American community!
ANYWAY...on to the movie! :)
Quick Synopsis
Sabrina Watson and Jason Taylor have fallen madly in love and decide to get married after knowing each other only six months. Their families are not thrilled with the last minute affair. Sabrina is from a wealthy family that lives in the Hamptons. And Jason is from a single parent home in Brooklyn. When both families come together for, what's supposed to be, a wonderful wedding weekend, the family drama BEGINS!!!
My Review
WAYYYYYYY BETTER THAN EXPECTED!!! I could feel the love between the two characters. The supporting cast was HILARIOUS!! There was just enough drama. Not too over the top! I cried practically the whole movie while laughing at the same time. There were unexpected twists that really put the movie up there. Now was this the best movie ever? NO. But would I suggest you go see it? YES!
At one point in the movie, my mother leans over and whispers "I'm so glad you get along with Mr. E's mother". LOL And I'm so glad too!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Napkin Folds


It's very serious to make sure you have the PERFECT fold for your day! I first decided to go with the traditional or what I thought was traditional flat fold.

Once I ordered our menus, I realized that may not be the best look! Now I've found another one that I am falling for QUICKLY!!!

Isn't it lovely???
 So now the's not that simple. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU FOLD THE NAPKIN THIS WAY? I am on a mad search for a tutorial. If you run across any please send them my way! :o) THANKS!!!

How are you folding YOUR napkins?? LOL


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Very productive weekend!

Tons of wedding items were scratched off the list this weekend! I am soooooooooo happy!!! It started when my best friend said she would come over and help me with me veil. She and another bridesmaid came over and we knocked so much stuff out.

Of course we got side tracked SEVERAL times. It felt like the good ole days. The three of us used to live together! :) So sitting around watching "Martin" and eating chips brought back lots of memories! LOL!!

But we DID get work done.

First up was the veil...

Now I know E does NOT read this blog. But it would really be my luck to post a picture here and he for some reason read THIS VERY POST! Sorry no pic! LOL!! I'll post to weddingbee! HA!

Then the card box. YES... finally finished the card box! KIND OF...HA!! I plan to add a few flowers to it later. But for the most part it's done...right??? LOL

We also finished all of the flowers. The corsages, boutonnieres, two bouquets for the moms, and the aisle enders for the ceremony.

Sidenote-I also ordered the menu cards and they came in without THREE days!

I'll post more pics of all that in another post! :o)

Next on the list is working on a mock up of my centerpieces and invitations! WHOOP WHOOP!