Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We are going to the COURTHOUSE

YUP! That's right! BUMP all this planning...we are just going to get married at the courthouse!!!


Okay for real! We are getting married at the Old Courthouse on the Square. It was founded in 1823 and served as the community gathering place. Today it continues to be the focus of festivals and special events, and serves as the heart of the community.

On August 27th it will serve at THE spot for our wedding! :)

I'm sooo excited and fall in love with the place more and more everyday!!!!!!! :) I couldn't imagine regrets or anything.

8 months...LET'S GO!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Shoe Remix

OK...  Here we go!  I LOVE crafting.  It makes me happy!  I ADORE shoes, they delight me as well.  So... my latest idea is meshing both of my loves together, so I am really at a blissful state!  I have been looking online at shoes for quite some time.  The first shoe that I noticed online that caught my eye was on Etsy

I... yes, the frugalista herself, was going to splurge and purchase some shoes for over $100!  But, I kept looking and started finding some other links that caught my eye that involved my favorite 3 letter acronym... DIY!   
So, it appears that SOME folks have lost their ever loving mind.  Not only do they purchase some shoes that are between several hundred and thousands of dollars, but they also watch fashion shoes to see that Christian Laboutin (might be misspelled, I can't commit the proper spelling to memory) likes to modify his shoes for the runway.  He calls the process 'strassing', in my world, we'd call it bedazzlement (ha!).  Sometimes he will make them for the world, other times, he does not provide his fans a way to purchase the items.  So, they purchase his VERY expensive shoes, then purchase some VERY expensive crystals to put on the shoes in order to create their own duplicate version of his product.  WOW

So, I have studied the blogs, videos, etc to see if I can do something similar based on my own tastes, purse, and style.  Here are a few examples of what I have located:

Cute... right?  There are tons more ideas.... those are just a few!  So, I have been studying for weeks and finally decided to go ahead and hop in the water and test it out for myself!  I checked out DSW sale racks:

I decided to use this shoe as my first example because it was such a simple design.
Plain top View

Plain Side View

Point of No Return...

Side View

Top View

Another Angle

Not bad for a first time,I had a blast doing them! I can't wait to do another pair,I think I've started a habit!  After all of that, just moments before Christmas, I have finally decided the ONE GIFT that I want!  This magical tray that makes all of the rhinestones to go right side up with a simple shake of the tray.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Save The Dates...

Yay! Our Save the Dates are out... I am hearing that folks have received them in the mail, I am so excited! There are still a few address discrepancies, so there are a FEW that still have to be resolved, but once I go on vacation this afternoon, I'll get right on resolving those little snafu's! There is a website link on the save the date, so a lot of people are checking out the website, which has a RSVP feature. Some folks are trying to RSVP for the wedding already, but the link isn't active. The RSVP link will be going active on 2/28/2011 until 4/15/2011.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Caterer Search is ON!

I was talking to someone a few weeks ago and they were talking about how much they like Memorial Day and look forward to it being the first big cookout production of the summer.  I was all excited like.. yeah, me too!  Then, I remembered that I was getting married on that day, so I would not be going to a cookout and got a little sad about it.  THEN, I thought about it... WHY NOT?  I mean, no.. I am not going to cookout in my wedding dress, but why can't the wedding reception be a big ol' HUGE cookout?  But, we just don't have to do all of the work, it will be a catered affair.  Of course, we aren't just gonna slap some dogs on the grill and give everyone a side of coleslaw (but, if the budget happens to get that tight... we could, 'eh), I'm far too Hampton (read: sedity) for that! So, Mr. RoBo & I have launched out a full-on attach to find the best BBQ in the Greater ATL area!  I am SO excited!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Everyday... Learning More

Considering that I have been on this Earth for over 32 years and have had the pleasure of being with me each and every day (it seems like regardless of where I go, I can't get rid of myself), one would think that I would know myself by now.  But, I find daily that this journey that I am on has me learning more and more about myself through others.  The last several weeks, Mr. Robo and I have been working at getting our Save the Dates (I refuse to call them STD's so as not to cause my pal to itch).  This has been a lesson in extreme patience, sacrifice, and just plain old compromise.  Always wanting to link myself to greatness, I nearly felt like President Obama who has had to reach across the aisle in compromise on the tax cuts.  Yes, it IS silly to give a 2% tax cut to the richest of the rich Americans who are not feeling the pinch of this recession, but in order to get the ultimate goal that hes expressed a desire to reach, he is going to have to find it within himself to reach a compromise with those who go against what he claims to want the most.  I really, really want to have a rock solid plan with this whole wedding thing.  I want for it to all be just as I envision it to be.  But, at the end of the day, if all I am doing is planning a wedding by myself or those who are most in tune with my beliefs, what am I really winning?  So, he may take MONTHS to obtain the telephone numbers, email addresses, real names, spouses and kids names of the folks that he wants at our event, BUT...  eventually we will get there.  Yes, I may have wanted the mailing to go out exactly 6 months to the date before our wedding date, but is the sun going to fail to shine simply because it didn't happen until a few weeks later?  I could just say 'forget it' and do it myself.  I could just decide that he really does not want for them to come, so proceed without his part of the list.  I could even just start to scream and holler until he starts to ask all of the questions that I want for him to, call all of the people that I want for him to, and not stop working until I decide that we are where we should be.  But, what would that prove? 

This is a journey that is not meant for the faint of heart.  It is not going to be won by the swift.  Despite what 'they' say, it is possible to reach across the aisle to compromise with the other side, if it isn't benefitting the common goal, then it really isn't worth having. 

*SIGH... the save the dates are finally in the mail, 20 days later*

Monday, December 13, 2010


My bridal party had an official TRUNK SHOW for me.

What's a trunk show you ask???

Well it's where a designer presents some of their collections to a store and have the dresses on a tremendous sale.

Ohhhhhhhhh you mean what's a TRUNK SHOW in OUR case??

Right.........LOL So one of my bridesmaids (SHOUT OUT TO S3) decided to give all the special women in my life a preview of me in the dress. YEAH...I think we made this up, but still it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! :)

They made brunch and invited all the ladies over. My fiance's mom was also able to make it. And we ALMOST made it out of there with NO TEARS! LOL!!

I tried on the dress (AND IT STILL FITS) Tongue out


The gave our mother's poinsettas...AWWW! :)

Some of my bridesmaids

Love these women! :)

Sipping a mimosa and standing next to the sign for the TRUNK SHOW lol

Me and my future mother! :)

 Such a wonderful time!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caterer Possibly Found


One of my FAVORITE things! LOL!!

I was finally was able to meet up with a caterer that I've had to schedule and reschedule meetings. We LOVED the food. It's so funny how you taste all these things that you possibly won't even eat the day of. I know for sure chances of us eating the appetizers on that day are SLIM to none!!! LOL But I'm looking out for the guests! :) And of course, they promise to pack goodie bags for us! THANK GOODNESS!! Me not eating?? Oh that will NOT be a pretty site!

What are some key questions do you all think should be asked of the caterer? All help greatly appreciated?


Engagement Party

I am STILL flying high on cloud nine!!! I really have the best bunch of friends ANYONE could every ask for. They are some special ladies and I'm so glad to be able to call them FRIENDS!

Our engagement party was at the Cheesecake Factory. They reserved the room. It was all decorated in cream and green. They were DRESSED in cream and green and all. They gave all the women corsages!! They gave everyone a pictures of us as favors. It was just soooooooooo nice!! Pretty much everyone was there. Our families FINALLY got to meet. It was great!!!



Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wedding Website LAUNCHED

I just want to thank Nicole of Visual Evolutions for creating our wedding website. Goodness! I didn't even have a clue how much work would go into it. I thought it would be EXTRA easy. But oh no...it forces you to have all your ducks in a row and KNOW what you are going to do!

I love the site and I'm so glad that it's finally FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! :)

Check us out  http://www.donnicaandedward.us/


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!

Okay I'm back and ready to go! Let's get to planning! Birthday over and now it's time for the important things to take place!!! Sooooooooooooo where do I start??? Ummmmmmmmmmm anyone?? Anyone?? LOL

Well for one I'm excited about our engagement party coming up this Friday! I mean like SOOO excited. Our family will be in town and they finally get to meet each other! Oooh this is going to be great! And shout out to TEAM GREEN that has been amazing in putting it together. I didn't do anything but give a guest list. Can a girl BE so lucky???

I'm sure I'll update on how that went!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Engagement Photos & Save the Dates

We went to take our engagement photos over this past weekend!  It was absolutely awesome!  We were able to have a friend to do our photos, who happens to be the fiance of DC2.  It meant so much more to know that the person who was behind the lens is not only a friend who knows our personalities, but we were allowed to showcase their talent.  We went to Kennesaw Mountain, which is in the Metro Atlanta area and overlooks the Atlanta skyline.  I can't wait until we get the photos to share! 

We took the photos in order to go ahead and get our Save the Date's started, we plan to send them out in conjunction with our Christmas cards.  I have wanted a logo to use for all of our correspondence, so I asked the friend of a friend to assist us getting a logo designed.  Since I believe that your people are some of the more creative members of our society, the young man is only a few years out of high school.  His response time has been deplorable, I am nearly at the point of letting him know that I am just going to go ahead and look for someone else to take care of it. 

Lady Robo

Planning Hiatus

I have seriously taken a step back from planning. A milestone moment is fastly approaching and I for some reason just can't focus on the wedding right now! I mean my mind is there but just not 100%.

Oh...what is it you ask?

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just any birthday! My 30th birthday!!!!!

So I'm counting down! Officially 7 days from today I will be 30. Once this major holiday has passed I can focus on the task at hand...wedding! LOL!!



Friday, November 12, 2010

Pre-Marital Graduation

One of our first priorities after becoming engaged was to ensure that we were on the same page.  Mr. RoBo and I realize that the statistics of marriage, particularly Christian marriages, are grim, so we want to do all within our power to make sure that we're sure and ready for such a leap.  In doing our review, we found that there were two types of counseling that we were interested in, couples and group. 

For the couples counseling, there is no one but us, the counselor that we were able to locate by each of us calling the 'work-life balance' hotlines at our job who referred us to a counselor that we could work with.  I will warn you, when each of us called the toll-free reference lines, they were quite flabberghasted that we actually wanted to have preventative counseling to help us to prepare for our marriage, apparently, this is not something that is frequently requested.  Since we have different employers, our second wrinkle was in locating a Christian counselor (that isn't on their checkbox) that happens to take the referral of each of our employee assisted reference companies.  It is quite an interesting situation to look up a counselor and review their website for some hint that they might know God.  Then, if you don't see anything, to call up their office and ask the receptionist if their boss believes in Jesus.  One lady said that she wasn't sure, but she thought so... no thanks - not what we're looking for.  Finally, we found someone who could help us.  Our time with her was very interesting, and while it was extremely beneficial - it was not exactly what I was looking for.  After our first session, she had us to do a computerized personality profile that had results kicked back to her based on our responses to MANY questions.  It was interesting to receive the results from the assessment, but it sparked a nice amount of fear in my heart that made me wonder at one point... WHAT ARE YOU DOING???  Clearly, I am too set in my ways and reluctant to see anyone else's point of view at this point in my life.  What to do?  But, we were able to pick up some awesome skills so that we could relate to one another better, actually listen to what the other had to say (imagine that), and come to terms with what we were going to clarify as deal-breakers becuase for the most part, what you experience is what you'll have.  Because she was a female, I often felt like the points that I had with the dude were nearly intensified, she always took the right my side.  While I really do think that MY point is the right one, that was not the point in our counseling session, the goal is to make sure that we get on the same page, not to pick sides. 

Our next counseling decision was a group arrangement at our church.  There were 4 other couples in the class.  Where we walked away from the couples counseling wondering if we were in over our heads, we walked out of the group session realizing that we were not as troubled as we thought, other folks have some REAL issues as well!  Not at all to look at them like they do not have it together, but it was refreshing to know that the smiles that we see of Mr. & Mrs. Perfect that we walk by everyday are not always genuine and we have no idea what they have had to discuss, haggle, compromise, or pray in order to get to that point.  We met weekly for 10 consecutive weeks along with 2 sets of facilitators and were able to discuss topics on a weekly basis (with advanced preparatory homework) such as communication, needs/wants, expectations and roles, family background, in-laws, goal setting, financial, sex in marriage, spiritual life, and plans for your future family.  You were to do your homework alone, then meet with your intended prior to class to discuss the material.  When you came together in class, there was group discussion that often ended up bringing out issues that were not previously detected in the one on one sharing time. 

It was a really interesting time - but we were able to really get to the core of one another by flushing out, at least in an introductory setting, most of the topics that would present itself to us as we organized our marriage.  One of the most poignant experiences was that one week, the facilitator bought in a bunch of neckties and placed them on the table.  He told the ladies that we were required to tie the tie around our fiances neck, but he could not help us out physically, he had to talk us through the instructions that would get the tie onto his neck in a ready position as if he were going on a job interview (so we wanted him looking good).  It was an eye opener for a number of reasons:
1. I had to actually listen to him and had no other resources to rely upon in order to get it done. 
2. I had to trust that he actually knew how to tie a tie, I had no experience, so his was the only way that it was going to happen.
3. I had to go along with his instructions.  My dude is very unconventional, so his first instruction was to tell me how to tie it around my own neck.  He did this so that he could see by sitting next to me how it was done, he had never had to explain to anyone how to tie a tie around their neck before.  No one else in class did it this way, it was interesting to see that I need to acclimate myself to being the one who doesn't do it like everyone else.
4. I was not frustrated, I was determined.  He took something as simple as the expression on my face as being frustration (which it was not), THAT made me frustrated.  I was cool and calm as a cucumber in a tall pitcher of iced water, but because he said that my hands were shaking, he thought that I was nervous.  Umm... its a tie, I know not to choke you with it! 
5. At some point, one of the other ladies DID get frustrated with her fiance and in frustration told him that he wasn't telling her how to do it well enough and wanted to know if someone else could tell her how to do it,did not want to hear instruction from him anymore.  Oh, dear... I think that she got the point of the lesson in the end.

Last night, we had our final group counseling session, a 'graduation' so to speak.  We were told by the facilitators that we were 'approved' a few weeks prior.  I was reflecting on relationships in general and came to realize that while we may have gotten through those requirements, the true 'passing' mark comes in having a successful marriage in which we both feel appreciated, honored, and respected while ensuring that we exhibit the same.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bouquets - No Flowers Needed...

How did people plan weddings before the Internet, again?  Lately, I have been pounding the Google pages hard in search of a non-floral bouquet.  My goal is to find a solution that will allow me a few things (in no particular order):
1. to incorporate peacock feathers.
Feather Fan Bouquet

2. to exhibit some of those adorable brooches that I was able to find online.
Brooches, Buttons & Beads

3. to get my latest monkey off of my back, my old hobby- beading!

Beads & Feathers
4. to find some bouquets that could double as centerpieces on the tables once the ceremony is over.

Lots of Brooches on a stand
I have found the following ideas online and am working to combine the ideas and the materials that I have in my home Craft Closet to create some mock-ups this weekend. 

Have you ever considered having a brooch (or non-floral bouquet)?  I'll be sure to post photos later and hopefully, I will be able to tell you how I did it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photography Blues

We so wish we could take our OWN photos! My boo is a wonderful photographer and has a great eye for "the shot". So after our engagement photo session we decided we will take a few of our own. Of course we couldn't actually take any TOGETHER, but we still love them anyway! Thought I'd share them here! :)

On the search for a photographer that can capture the photojournalist style that we love without breaking the bank!! WHOOP WHOOP!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say YES to MY Dress

It was a crazy weekend. It started with E and I going to a cool event Friday night called Art. Sole. Life. Saturday morning I got up as usual to go downtown to the courthouse to volunteer with Sister to Sister. I get there and the room is not split in two. I see the girls are trying to move the partion and I start to help. Well one of them was off the track and it feel on my foot! *sigh* HURT LIKE FOR REAL!!! So now I'm hobbling along and looking crazy! I go home and put ice on it and keep it elevated, but in the back of my mine I know that I have to go to this Bridal Gown Blow Out Sale on Sunday! I just HAVE TO!

Well Sunday I get up and it's still a little swollen but ain't NOTHING keeping me from this sale. My girls AKA Team GREEN meet me there and we are ready to roll!

They had the madness well managed and long story short... I FOUND MY DRESS!!! And to make it even more PERFECT it was exactly a month to the date that I got engaged. I don't even feel like I'm moving quick like that, but obviously I am! LOL!! LOVES IT!!

I can't believe I've already found my dress!

Let's keep this ball going!!! :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flexibility is KEY...

During this whole process, I am having to constantly remind myself that the ONLY idea that I can actually 'marry myself' to is the fact that I am getting married to Mr. RoBo.  All of the other ideas, events, centerpieces, activities, relationship dynamics with others, etc. are free to change, but my focus has to remain on what the MAIN theme of this whole thing.  The commitment that we are making to God concerning our union as husband and wife. 

When I first started planning, I NEEDED to get married in an amphitheatre.  I tore the Internet UP looking for one that was within an hour distance from the Metro area, that could accomodate our guests and was affordable.  Try as I might, I just could not locate it.  But, I was able to fall in love with another place.  It isn't the amphitheatre that I envisioned, but at the end of the day, if I had to come down some stairs, it could prove disastrous, so maybe it is for the best.

The other day, I was extremely down.  It felt like everything was going wrong.  Folks are having to drop out of the wedding like flies (all good reasons, but not what I envisioned at any count).  Family doesn't seem to be cooperating with making arrangements to come to the wedding, despite all of my efforts to make it as easy as possible for them.  Pre-marital counseling is SOoooo... mentally draining.  I had scheduled a meeting with all of my pals to go over the wedding plans with them, sharing my vision for the day with all of the photos and samples of what I wanted for the wedding day.  I stayed up for days putting it all together into a nice presentation for everyone to see.  I put in captions to share what was an idea, what was already purchased... etc.  I was impressed, I really enjoyed making it as well as the end product.  It bought a tear to my eye watching it all.  Then, the thank you video that I had at the end would not upload properly and that was the beginning of a downhill journey.  The computer wouldn't connect to the TV, so we had to watch it all in groups on laptops.  And, after a few days of no sleep making sure that I got out my vision, no one seemed to 'get it' at all.  I was nearly pushed clean and clear OFF THE EDGE!  I'm being told in one ear - this is YOUR day (Ugh.. I HATE that), but several of my ideas being shot down as infeasible when they are still in the infancy planning stage.  But, can I let that get me down?  Nope, gotta dust it off and try it again. 

From the start, the ONE thing that I knew was my colors - green & blue.  Since it is nearly time for a remodel in the house, I figured that I could use some of the decorations to change up the house which is in a blue & green theme.  Sweet.  Shortly thereafter, I came up with a peacock theme, perfect.  The venue is lovely for the most part except that their linens do not drop all the way to the floor (and anything else is simply unsuitable in my opinion) and the chairs are an eggplant.  So, after reaching the end of the Internet and not finding a price that I was willing to pay for chair covers... (why can't I find any for like .50?), I looked deep into the eye of the peacock to see that there is purple in there, so I can just throw a hint of purple in the decorations and the chairs do not stick out as much as I once thought that they would!  YAY...  another problem solved!

So, as I go about this, I have resigned myself to recall that the only plan that I am interested in going right is that we are going to be together at the end of the day, all else is free to fall as it may!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm not set on really ANYTHING yet. But one must have is lots candles every where!! I just really see TONS of candles and something super romantic. I'm on a mad search for inspiration for centerpieces. Who would have thought this would be so difficult.

Anyway...here are some ideas.

What do you think??