Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saving for a rainy day

Hindsight is usually not your friend.  Hindsight is more like a spoiled brat sticking his tongue out at you.  The Obvious is not much better.  The Obvious tends to hide behind Hindsight only peeking his head out right after your watch ticks to "Too Late".

Your only real defense against Hindsight is to arm yourself with as much info as humanly possible.  What did G.I. Joe tell us at the end of every episode?  "Knowing is half the battle."  Yeah, I'm seriously dating myself but he knew that the only thing worse than Hindsight was her snooty cousin, "You Didn't Know That?"

Over the past few weeks, I have spent more than enough time with these partners in crime.  They have really worked my last good nerve. 

But that's A-OK.  I.AM.NOT going down easily.

Did you know that there's a super simple blood test that measures your fertility?  Yep, you can measure your chances of having a baby with little more than a finger prick.

Did you know that as of 5 years ago, fertility experts have perfected the art of freezing eggs?  Yep, before that, the process was largely unsuccessful.  The eggs did not thaw well and so were unusable.  But all of that has changed now.

Did you know that armed with those two bits of information, you have the potential to A) track your fertility by having your gynecologist administer the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test annually and B) set aside some of your eggs while they are younger and fresher? 

I seriously believe the AMH test should be offered along with our annual Pap Smears to any woman of childbearing years.  The final decision to take the test should be the patient's but our gynos should make it common practice to make us aware of this test.  If you agree, please sign my petition.

Yeah, it's a long shot but I have to do something.  I have to tell somebody.  I wish someone had told me.

Friends: save for a rainy day!

Lady Hawk

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