Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding 1999!!

Creating a wedding binder is just NOT working out for me. I can't seem to remember to print anything. I don't even WANT to print anything.

TOO MUCH PAPER! Let's go green!

Okay so maybe I'm not the most green person, but hey...I'm doing my part!

Anyway, yesterday I discovered Weddzilla thanks to Saying I do Blog!!!!! is the BEST!!! It allows you to save all of your ideas to one location. I have found so many websites and pictures that I want to save. Some are at work. Some are at home. But now I can have them all together and on the web. So I can access them any where!

There is also a classified feature where you can search vendors and a feature to search other bride's ideas. I LOVE THIS SITE!

Converting my info over ASAP!!

You all should try. Do you know of any other great sites?



  1. Thanks for the link, I'm so glad I could help you out! I agree, organizing things online and on the computer is easier, and certainly more green! Looking forward to following you!

  2. I can do the same thing on Weddingwire. But, I forget to put everything there too! LOL Thanks for the other tip, though... It is probably good that I lose half of the ideas I come across!

  3. And now with the gmail labels...I'm going to be ON IT!!! :) Thanks!!!