Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A frock for my fella

On more than one occasion, CTE has shook his head at me and said "You are your own person."

I'd rather be in football cleats than heals, managing software seems easier to me than putting on makeup and Home Depot is hands down my favorite store. Now, I'm not a total slob or Tom Boy. I've been known to pull it together when I put my mind to it. But truth be told, my sweetie has seen me in more sweats than skirts. He knows that comfort rules over fashion for me any day. He swears I'm cute no matter what I'm sporting. But all the same, I try to get dolled up for him every now and then cause I know it sets his heart all a flutter. And can you believe that makes him look even CUTER?!?! Like he morphs into the Cutest CTE! Amazing, right?

When planning my wedding ensem, I have but one goal for 12.3 and that is to BLOW HIM AWAY when he first sees me. I'll settle for nothing less than instant tears, a knee buckle, and a bead of sweat on his super cute upper lip! *SIGH*

Besides that, I want my inner Diva to step out this one special night. I want a fun and sassy figure flattering gown that screams "Tonight's gonna be a good night" I want my Sweetie to know that I'm madly in love with him, honored to take his hand and purposed to enjoy the rest of lives together.

I think I found the perfect frock for the occasion...you'll have to check back to see if I blew his socks off. No preview pics here - just can't risk it. But if I was a betting man, I'd bet the house on this one :).



  1. You will look amazing!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!! :)

  2. aww I can't wait to see your ensemble! It's going to be great!