Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Very productive weekend!

Tons of wedding items were scratched off the list this weekend! I am soooooooooo happy!!! It started when my best friend said she would come over and help me with me veil. She and another bridesmaid came over and we knocked so much stuff out.

Of course we got side tracked SEVERAL times. It felt like the good ole days. The three of us used to live together! :) So sitting around watching "Martin" and eating chips brought back lots of memories! LOL!!

But we DID get work done.

First up was the veil...

Now I know E does NOT read this blog. But it would really be my luck to post a picture here and he for some reason read THIS VERY POST! Sorry no pic! LOL!! I'll post to weddingbee! HA!

Then the card box. YES... finally finished the card box! KIND OF...HA!! I plan to add a few flowers to it later. But for the most part it's done...right??? LOL

We also finished all of the flowers. The corsages, boutonnieres, two bouquets for the moms, and the aisle enders for the ceremony.

Sidenote-I also ordered the menu cards and they came in without THREE days!

I'll post more pics of all that in another post! :o)

Next on the list is working on a mock up of my centerpieces and invitations! WHOOP WHOOP!



  1. Great you've sorted your veil.

    I've had loads of things on my to do list recently but nothing was getting done but in the past couple of days I've managed to cross a few things off and it does make you feel so much better. You've reminded me I still need to source a card box.

  2. Yes it's like a weight has eben lifted! :) I'll have to post about this weekend and our invitations! LOL!!