Saturday, July 16, 2011

Metal Mania!!!

If you have been shopping for men's wedding bands lately, you know that the blinged out platinum craze of the last decade has been upstaged by the rough & rugged "fit your lifestlye comfort fit bands" made in a medley of metals aka Metal Mania!!!! In searching for CTE's band, I have encountered all manner of metals: tungsten, titanium, cobalt, silver, stainless steel and the old standby white & yellow gold. And the prices are as varied as the metals! Bands range from $50 in the store. Internet searches and local flea markets are hawking some popular stainless steel styles for less than $10!

By all accounts, CTE is not one for foolishness, so I was not at all surprised that he gravitated towards the plainest, simplest, no frillest bands he saw. No matter the jeweler, no matter the case, the most he'd go for was a beveled edge stainless steel ala:

Not to exciting, huh? Yeah, it didn't blow my skirt up either. It's just a slip of metal! Shoot, I could almost get away with a hex nut from Home Depot! Though it was what he wanted, it was awful plain jain. I could just imagine the side glances that I'd get during the reception - LOL!

Well a trip to Shane Company here in Atlanta has brightened the day. We stopped by to get his measurements; neither one of us could remember what size he actually wore. While there, something caught CTE's eye:

Well, that's not exactly it but it's close enough. That one is from Scott Kaye's Cobalt collection. CTE's has a silver inlay (not sure which metal SK has used). My attempts to take a picture of the actual ring (yep I have it already!!!) were juvenile at best. So, I had to rely on SK to get my point across.

Hope you like it as much as we do! The inlay provided just enough "umph" to please both of us!



  1. Very nice! We went shopping the other day! We are still going to look.

  2. Love the ring and SOOO glad he loves it as well! :)