Monday, August 1, 2011

THIS month

WHOA!!!! We are now saying we are getting married THIS month. So crazy! Time just flies by. No more saying next August. No more in 3 months. No...THIS month. 26 days!! End of the months!!

I'm excited about the progress we have. I'm not super stressed and as of now there is minimal to do.

Press linens

Print out all necessary materials...programs, signs, etc.

My bachelorette weekend is this weekend. I'm excited!!!


What did you do the month of your wedding?



  1. have SO much fun doing all the last minute stuff! your wedding is going to be great!

    oh and ps, if you get a chance, could you please go to and comment at the bottom of the page? It only takes 5-7 seconds to comment and it'll give mathew and i a chance to win a free wedding video! and if you also comment on my most recent post, it'll give you an extra entry to my upcoming giveaway :) thanks girlie!

  2. How exciting!! Make sure you enjoy every minute it flies by!!

  3. Congratulations!! You made it!

  4. I really am enjoying this time!!!! Can't wait!! :)

  5. Enjoy the last few weeks of planning, cherish the all the hope. We were doing all the DIY stuff.

  6. This is so exciting! Here I am six whole months into this marriage thing and I don't think we could have done it without counseling. Even though in the heat of an "intense fellowship" all that goes out the window.

  7. @Ton- Girl we LOVE saying INTENSE FELLOWSHIP! LOL!!!!!!!

  8. using the WORDS "intense fellowship"...not the actual INTENSE fellowship! LOL :)