Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is there a DOC in the House?

Nooo not a Doctor...but a Day Of Coordinator (DOC)

This is a MUST HAVE! I don't know HOW I thought I was going to be able to do this without one. Can you be in 18 different places at one time??? Uhhhh NO! If you are a DIYer and can't really see giving full control over for your day, at least consider a DOC. She/He can help make sure YOUR day is exactly what you wanted it to be!

But even more importantly, that DOC must be ON POINT! She/He has to know exactly what to do. Be ready for any and everything to happen. And when it all happens because it WILL happen be prepared for plan B, C, and D!!!!!!

Suggestions on how to go about hiring a DOC.

  1. You must do an interview!!!! I did one at a local Starbucks. On paper everything looks great also you suggest her allow you to attend an event she (no longer doing he/she because I'm referring to someone specific lol) is coordinating. Or at least peak in. You need to see her in ACTION! If this is going too least give her scenarios and see what she comes up with. This is the ONE thing I wish I had done. I do not think my DOC was prepared for plan D when it needed to happen. Actually if she was more prepared plan A would have worked...but anyway!!!
  2. POISE!!!!!!!!!!! You can't have someone that will be a deer in headlights when you can't find the ring bearer pillow or realize the tables are set up with no dance floor! They need to know how to make something happen!
  3. Specify the attire! Do not just assume she will show up looking her best. Everyone doesn't get that a wedding is not a casual summer dress event!!!!
  4. Preferably find someone with a STAFF!!!
  5. Just PAY THE MONEY! Don't try to get a deal. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!
Even with some of the flubs that my DOC should have corrected but did NOT, my girls jumped right on in and MADE IT HAPPEN! Had me thinking...should they



*I'll be posting about the best wedding party since sliced bread later! :o)



  1. You are so right! I kept thinking that I don't need one, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I do need one!