Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make A Decision Already!!!!

Isn't it wonderful to search the web and find all kinds of ideas for your wedding?? GOOGLE can be a help and a hindrance at the same time! LOL

Oohhhh...I like this!

OMG...this is lovely!

Well now you have to MAKE A DECISION ALREADY!!!

Being extra frugal I feel like I have to make sure that I'm getting the BEST deal for my money! But I'm finding out rather quickly that you have to decide and just make that executive decision. So with that I'm giving myself a deadline to decide on a major thing...THE CATERER. Deadline being Feb 4th (Next Friday). We have a tasting tomorrow. And I, no we will make the decision between the ones we have already spoken with. NO MORE SEARCHING! This is it! DECISION TIME...right??? :)

Are there any decisions you struggled with making?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding 1999!!

Creating a wedding binder is just NOT working out for me. I can't seem to remember to print anything. I don't even WANT to print anything.

TOO MUCH PAPER! Let's go green!

Okay so maybe I'm not the most green person, but hey...I'm doing my part!

Anyway, yesterday I discovered Weddzilla thanks to Saying I do Blog!!!!! is the BEST!!! It allows you to save all of your ideas to one location. I have found so many websites and pictures that I want to save. Some are at work. Some are at home. But now I can have them all together and on the web. So I can access them any where!

There is also a classified feature where you can search vendors and a feature to search other bride's ideas. I LOVE THIS SITE!

Converting my info over ASAP!!

You all should try. Do you know of any other great sites?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

DIY vs. LTDI Cardbox

YESSSSSSSSs...I made up LTDI! :)


Soooooooooo Do-It-Yourself or Let-Them-Do-It??

I was starting to feel like I didn't have enough DIY projects. I've made an handy list and I'm starting to get excited about trying them out!! I'll keep you all updated as time goes along.

First up on the list is a card box. I found these at an absolutely FELL IN LOVE!!!

What do you think??

DIY or LTDI???


Monday, January 3, 2011

THIS year

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can say actually scream WE ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!! When people ask about our date, no longer will it be August of NEXT year or August 2011. It's THIS August. PERIOD!!! Goodness!! :)

Super excited and just had to share!!


Carry on...