Friday, November 5, 2010

Bouquets - No Flowers Needed...

How did people plan weddings before the Internet, again?  Lately, I have been pounding the Google pages hard in search of a non-floral bouquet.  My goal is to find a solution that will allow me a few things (in no particular order):
1. to incorporate peacock feathers.
Feather Fan Bouquet

2. to exhibit some of those adorable brooches that I was able to find online.
Brooches, Buttons & Beads

3. to get my latest monkey off of my back, my old hobby- beading!

Beads & Feathers
4. to find some bouquets that could double as centerpieces on the tables once the ceremony is over.

Lots of Brooches on a stand
I have found the following ideas online and am working to combine the ideas and the materials that I have in my home Craft Closet to create some mock-ups this weekend. 

Have you ever considered having a brooch (or non-floral bouquet)?  I'll be sure to post photos later and hopefully, I will be able to tell you how I did it!


  1. lol I think that sometimes too! How could one ever plan a wedding without the internet!? Those pics are lovely! I love the brooches!

  2. Have you found any cheaper brooches?

  3. I'm hitting up the thrift stores, I got the ones that I found online and they are lovely!

  4. I'm roaming the blog...:)

    So what't the final call on these? Feather fans, brooche bouquet or clutches?