Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photography Blues

We so wish we could take our OWN photos! My boo is a wonderful photographer and has a great eye for "the shot". So after our engagement photo session we decided we will take a few of our own. Of course we couldn't actually take any TOGETHER, but we still love them anyway! Thought I'd share them here! :)

On the search for a photographer that can capture the photojournalist style that we love without breaking the bank!! WHOOP WHOOP!



  1. Very nice! Good luck!

  2. Shoot, you can take them. Just get a timer, a stand, and you're IN THERE!

  3. We thought about that...but chose otherwise! LOL!!

  4. This JUST IN: The RHOBH medium predicted that no less than 952,000 photos will be taken between April 2011 and Sept 2011. Scientists are concerned that the flash bursts may contribute to global warming. Doctors recommend ear protection from the fits of laughter :)