Monday, November 15, 2010

Engagement Photos & Save the Dates

We went to take our engagement photos over this past weekend!  It was absolutely awesome!  We were able to have a friend to do our photos, who happens to be the fiance of DC2.  It meant so much more to know that the person who was behind the lens is not only a friend who knows our personalities, but we were allowed to showcase their talent.  We went to Kennesaw Mountain, which is in the Metro Atlanta area and overlooks the Atlanta skyline.  I can't wait until we get the photos to share! 

We took the photos in order to go ahead and get our Save the Date's started, we plan to send them out in conjunction with our Christmas cards.  I have wanted a logo to use for all of our correspondence, so I asked the friend of a friend to assist us getting a logo designed.  Since I believe that your people are some of the more creative members of our society, the young man is only a few years out of high school.  His response time has been deplorable, I am nearly at the point of letting him know that I am just going to go ahead and look for someone else to take care of it. 

Lady Robo


  1. UMMMMMMM gone and ask Ed about that logo too! :)

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