Sunday, December 19, 2010

Everyday... Learning More

Considering that I have been on this Earth for over 32 years and have had the pleasure of being with me each and every day (it seems like regardless of where I go, I can't get rid of myself), one would think that I would know myself by now.  But, I find daily that this journey that I am on has me learning more and more about myself through others.  The last several weeks, Mr. Robo and I have been working at getting our Save the Dates (I refuse to call them STD's so as not to cause my pal to itch).  This has been a lesson in extreme patience, sacrifice, and just plain old compromise.  Always wanting to link myself to greatness, I nearly felt like President Obama who has had to reach across the aisle in compromise on the tax cuts.  Yes, it IS silly to give a 2% tax cut to the richest of the rich Americans who are not feeling the pinch of this recession, but in order to get the ultimate goal that hes expressed a desire to reach, he is going to have to find it within himself to reach a compromise with those who go against what he claims to want the most.  I really, really want to have a rock solid plan with this whole wedding thing.  I want for it to all be just as I envision it to be.  But, at the end of the day, if all I am doing is planning a wedding by myself or those who are most in tune with my beliefs, what am I really winning?  So, he may take MONTHS to obtain the telephone numbers, email addresses, real names, spouses and kids names of the folks that he wants at our event, BUT...  eventually we will get there.  Yes, I may have wanted the mailing to go out exactly 6 months to the date before our wedding date, but is the sun going to fail to shine simply because it didn't happen until a few weeks later?  I could just say 'forget it' and do it myself.  I could just decide that he really does not want for them to come, so proceed without his part of the list.  I could even just start to scream and holler until he starts to ask all of the questions that I want for him to, call all of the people that I want for him to, and not stop working until I decide that we are where we should be.  But, what would that prove? 

This is a journey that is not meant for the faint of heart.  It is not going to be won by the swift.  Despite what 'they' say, it is possible to reach across the aisle to compromise with the other side, if it isn't benefitting the common goal, then it really isn't worth having. 

*SIGH... the save the dates are finally in the mail, 20 days later*

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  1. And we may be scratching SAVE THE DATES all together! LOL!!!!!!!