Friday, December 24, 2010

Shoe Remix

OK...  Here we go!  I LOVE crafting.  It makes me happy!  I ADORE shoes, they delight me as well.  So... my latest idea is meshing both of my loves together, so I am really at a blissful state!  I have been looking online at shoes for quite some time.  The first shoe that I noticed online that caught my eye was on Etsy

I... yes, the frugalista herself, was going to splurge and purchase some shoes for over $100!  But, I kept looking and started finding some other links that caught my eye that involved my favorite 3 letter acronym... DIY!   
So, it appears that SOME folks have lost their ever loving mind.  Not only do they purchase some shoes that are between several hundred and thousands of dollars, but they also watch fashion shoes to see that Christian Laboutin (might be misspelled, I can't commit the proper spelling to memory) likes to modify his shoes for the runway.  He calls the process 'strassing', in my world, we'd call it bedazzlement (ha!).  Sometimes he will make them for the world, other times, he does not provide his fans a way to purchase the items.  So, they purchase his VERY expensive shoes, then purchase some VERY expensive crystals to put on the shoes in order to create their own duplicate version of his product.  WOW

So, I have studied the blogs, videos, etc to see if I can do something similar based on my own tastes, purse, and style.  Here are a few examples of what I have located:

Cute... right?  There are tons more ideas.... those are just a few!  So, I have been studying for weeks and finally decided to go ahead and hop in the water and test it out for myself!  I checked out DSW sale racks:

I decided to use this shoe as my first example because it was such a simple design.
Plain top View

Plain Side View

Point of No Return...

Side View

Top View

Another Angle

Not bad for a first time,I had a blast doing them! I can't wait to do another pair,I think I've started a habit!  After all of that, just moments before Christmas, I have finally decided the ONE GIFT that I want!  This magical tray that makes all of the rhinestones to go right side up with a simple shake of the tray.

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