Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You are Invited!

So, I have been plundering away in making wedding plans, but the best laid plans mean nothing if you do not invite anyone to come out, so this weeks work has been INVITATIONS!  I really did not have a firm idea on what the invitations were going to look like.  I knew that I wanted them unique.  I knew that they had to go along with the peacock theme.  I knew that they had to have style, pizazz, uniquability, and carefully coordinated!  Where to go for all of that and stay within budget?  Zazzle! 

Now, this website is wonderful.  Now, you have the option to create your own items: tshirts, I-anything case, ties, shoes, invitations, and plenty more.  While you can do that, you also have the option to go to see what real artists have designed, they have their own 'store' for you to visit to see their inventory.  There were HUNDREDS of peacock designs, but after browsing along with a few pals and shooting emails back and forth, I noticed that one designers name kept popping up whenever a design caught my eye.  Keep in mind that as long as the designer has everything that you want in their store, you can simply make your order online and your order will come along in just a few days.  But, if you notice that there are different items that you might want to coordinate with your project, you can reach out to the artist to see if they would be willing to update their store with the item that you want. 

Audrey Jeanne is the Zazzle designer that I contacted.  I wrote her and she wrote back within moments!  I explained to her that I was interested in her invitations, but wanted to do RSVP postcards (thankful to save a few dimes on return postage) instead of the envelopes.  Within a few minutes, she had created a postcard for me, answered all of my many questions, and had a fantastic demeanor all along! 

I know, I know... shut up and show us the work, right?  Here you go!!!