Monday, February 21, 2011

First DIY Attempt

I tried my hands at the boutonnieres. For the sake of not wanting to spell that out several times we are going to refer to them as BOUTONS from here on out (Thanks Stephanie) LOL

I know my first attempt was supposed to be the Card box...but I kind of got excited about these boutons and figured it may be easier! Plus I had all of the materials already!

I did one green and one white Calla Lily! And then used green orchids to spruce it up! I took a strand of ribbon and circled around the stems and they are being held in place with the bouton pins. Debating on whether to use a glue gun or some fabric glue to hold it in place.

This has really given me a boost and I'm ready to DIY my way to the alter! LOL!!

What you guys think? Have any pics of your DIY projects?



  1. very nice! Way to go lady! Doesn't it feel great to do some DIY stuff? It's very inspiring and inspiring to see others so successful at it, too..thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks!!! Yes...I'm moving on to the next thing. Our CARD BOX!!! Hoping for great results! :)