Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My linen closet is FULL!

And I have more serving dishes than the average bear. In fact, my cup runneth over. So much so that I'm planning for a monster yard sale at the end of the month. Between the two of us, CTE and I have two of everything: shower curtains, TV trays, dishes, TVs, get the picture. As we speak, there is a growing pile-of-crap taking over the living room. Whatever doesn't sell, will be given away. I don't care where it ends up as long as it's G.O.N.E. Once that's done, registering for even more STUFF will be the LAST thing on my "To Do" list!

DC2 recommended a Honeymoon Registry and so I'm off to research those. On the surface, it seems like the perfect solution: a convenient means to a gift will actually need & use. BUT...I'm a wee bit leary because A) it so darn close to being tacky (as in asking for moolah) and B) a lot of these places seem to profit off of charging your guest a service fee (I guess that's the equivalent of paying tax @ a brick & mortar). But this might be our best bet - else, y'all might see me on an episode of Clean House (JUST JOKING - I'm far too much of a germ freak to allow that to ever happen).

So have any of y'all looked into honeymoon registries? Can you spare any words of advice or caution? Please share and save me from a pile of dish towels!


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