Monday, August 15, 2011


So I'm sooooo behind on blogs but still wanted to post some of these drafts that I had.

So with only 12 days til the big day obviously the invitations are OUT THE DOOR!!! So excited!!! I guess ain't no turning back now huh??

I also vowed  would NOT do a RSVP post! So I'm not...however I will say I was super naive to think that I would not go though the process of having to call, text, email, even FACEBOOK people to see if they are attending or not! Oooh that is for the birds! LOL!!

I'm like what are you going to do with the little envelope addresses back to ME with the stamp? Keep it as a souvenir?

Did you have to HAWK people down to get an answer?



  1. Yes! isn't it just ridiculous?! I vow to NEVER be one of those people who doesn't rsvp to a wedding. RUDE RUDE RUDE! Good luck, the countdown is on!

  2. YES!!! I am going to be ON POINT going forward with my responses! LOL!! I appreciate it now!

  3. Love your invites. Yes we had to hawk. I even text and rang 'my friend' twice and still NEVER got a response. I don't get people who don't RSVP and even furthr don't get people who don't RSVP but still turn up - luckily we didn't have any of those.

  4. We had a plenty of people that weren't even INVITED show up to the wedding! SMH But it was a beautiful time! LOL!!!