Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coupon Goof!!!

A few months back, I purchased a $50 Vista Print (VP) voucher for $10 from Living Social. At the time I thought that I had a major score as I was SURE to need TONS of stuff from VP.

WELL....Since VP gives so much stuff away, I seriously should have known better!!! I have repeatedly tried to redeem this voucher WITH NO LUCK! I never came up with $50 worth of anything that I needed to buy.

And as luck would have it, the voucher expired TODAY. So with less than 45 minutes to spare, I hopped on VP searching for something, anything that I needed and could safely order today.

Since I made my menu selection last Friday, this was of course the only thing on my mind. So I did what any rushed and drowsy bride-to-be would do...I ordered menu cards:

(This is the bottom half)

I know what you're thinking. At least, I know what I'm thinking. It's way too soon. Things could change. You couldn't think of anything else??? Yeah, I know. And to make matters worse...I managed to NOT EVEN USE THE VOUCHER during checkout! In my haste to redeem, I went straight to VP and started shopping. I was SUPPOSED to click on a special link that would allow me to provide a special promo code. Now I knew about the promo code and was looking for it when I clicked what turned out to be my final NEXT. But unfortunately, I read the bit about the link after I'd confirmed my order!

By then, it was 11:45 PM and I still had a voucher to spend.

I bought some yard signs. I hope our guests appreciate them :)!

I'm going to bed before I goof on something else.



  1. Oh dear. Lol. Forgive me for laughing. I just love the way you ended this.

    Yard signs sound cool. ;)

  2. LAWDDDDDDDD well I'm so glad you used that credit for SOMETHING!!!! This is hilarious...but worked out, so WHEW...sigh of relief?? :)