Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introducing....The Escort Board!

Well, that's what Michael's calls it! was looking for a stylish but easy to read option for displaying our placecards. On one of my MANY trips to Michael's s, I happened upon the "Wedding Project" display. You know that little flip-picture-binder thingee that can lull you into thinking that you can DIY every LAST detail of your wedding day? Yep, that one.

At any rate, I happened upon this jewel and said, "Self, now that's some DIY we can get behind!"

To macth my color scheme, I used a silver satin material from JoAnn's (super cheap), a broad navy ribbon with a skinny pink ribbon (both from The Hob) overlay. To make it easier to navigate, I glued the pink ribbon on to the blue. Else, I woulda needed another set of hands and those are generally in short supply at 4 AM!

I affixed all of this to a piece of foam poster board. To hide the backside construction, I centered a plain piece of white posterboard to the back. Everything was tacked on using packing tape. The instructions said to staple it but I could not get my head around how doing so wouldn't leave small punctures in the facing fabric. So I opted for the tape. I'm pretty anal so I felt confident eye-balling the spacing. The bottom row is drooping a bit in the pic but I have since tacked the blue ribbon onto the silver backing with a smidge of glue.

I also opted to run it horizontally because I'm sitting this on a knee wall. Running it vertically may have put the top rows out of reach for some of my vertically challenged guests. A verticaly run would have been fine for a table-side setup.

But enough yakking....

The hostesses will slide the placecards in between the ribbon so that the pink ribbon holds them in place. I have 7 rows which should be plenty to hold my ~130 cards.

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  1. This really turned out AMAZING!! I didn't quite get what you were saying but I LOVE IT now that I see it!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY