Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Corsage

So I've asked 8 ladies to serve as hostesses on my big day. One is a friend that I met through work and grown close to over the years. The others are my buddies from college. Though we are spread out over the South, we have been thick as thieves through the years. And since we tend to travel in packs of 7 so we nicknamed ourselves the "The Septuplets" or the "The Tuplets" for short.

At any rate, each of these ladies has relentlessly teased me about my aversion to over-arching DIY projects involving feathers and when it came time to order their corsages, I knew that an ordinary flower just would NOT do! At first, I toyed with a sassy wrist corsage but thought those would not make it past the Prelude. Plus, they would only shrivel up and die double plus, those things are PRICEY!

Belatedly, I enlisted some help for an Etsy search. But by the time I was ready to pull the trigger, my shipping window was busted. I searched The Hob and my home away from home, Michael's, for feathers, sequins and whatnots but came up empty handed. I was beginning to get frustrated! I really, really, really wanted some grey feathers and NONE could be found. I thought about buying a boa and pulling feathers off of it...but that seemed like a waste. I even had trouble find a reasonably priced decent bunch of pink flowers for my base.

But I lucked up on a trip to old faithful, The Dollar Tree. So with flower bunch, sparklies and glue gun in hand, this:

Became these:

These are still wanting for some over the top embellishment that I hope to find over the next two days. But it's a start. I'm hoping the girls will get a lifetime of jokes outta these!


  1. Shout out to Dollar Tree; they look great!


  2. Dollar Tree never lets us down!!! :) These look great!!