Saturday, November 19, 2011

Out of the ashes arose...

A Card Box!!!

Yeah, that's a little dramatic but this project was almost a basket as in, "I'm just gonna throw a basket on the gift table and call it a day!" But DC2 would have NONE of that! She'd already gifted me the cardboard boxes that went unused for her big day (she opted for round boxes) and the "H" was already spray painted (NO returns!). So it was time to get CRAFTY!!!

First, CTE pitched in and painted the boxes:

The smaller box had a grapevine imprint on it. Since that did not go with our theme, I needed to cover it up with a strip of wide blue ribbon (see above). That hid the vine action but looked really plain. So I topped it with a skinny pink ribbon and repeated the same on the larger box.

On one of our marathon Michael's run, DC2 & I had picked up some wooden letters to spell out "Hawkins". So I layed those out on a strip of blue painters tape and painted them "fuchsia". Don't believe me? Here it is:

Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but this "fuchsia" looks more like "pepto bismol" pink to me...

Oh well! It's on there now (If I have time, I'll see if I can find a true "fuchsia" and paint it again but I AM NOT gonna worry about it)! Since I had a ton left over from the Table # project, I added the sparkly doodads to the corners.

Next up was the dreaded "H". I said dreaded because I initially wanted to cover it with our Engagement pics. But my initial project plan was thrown off when I printed the pictures vertically instead of horizontally. Plus, it turned out that I did not have enough unique shots to cover the whole thing. Double plus, I had underestimated navigating those corners! Though I fancy myself a crafty DIYer, this was only my second time popping open a jar of Modge Podge (MP) and I kept second guessing my plan. Triple plus, the dang price tag left a rough spot when I removed it. I probably wasted a good 2 weeks fretting about how I could cover that up - ribbon, spackle, sand it, start over, trash the "H"???

SO I kept procastinating about starting it...Even today, I left it to the end! But DC2 has been on TOP of my task list (that's another post) so T.H.A.N.K.S. to her, I can proudly say that I FORGED AHEAD!!!

First, I laid out the pics using blue painters tape. I left a little edge around each so the underlying silver could "frame" each image. Once I had a good layout, I cracked open the MP and went for it! Once the pics were in place, I went back to my overflowing stash of sparkly doodads (already open so again NO returns) and glued a row down each side. I have to say that after all that hemhawing around, this wasn't NEARLY as hard as I'd drummed up in my head. And, if I may so myself, turned out pretty darn good!

I haven't yet cut a hole in the box. I'm going to consult an expert (DC2) in the matter before I do. But I've done enought to o-fficially cross this off my "To Do" list! I am pleased with the final result. I am especially tickled that I managed to get her done WHILE writing a blog post about it!

DC2 - I hope you're proud of me!!!