Thursday, December 1, 2011

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye...

Really?? 2011 is over??

31 more days and then it's a wrap!!! On to 2012!

We have our last wedding in TWO DAYS!! WOW!! S3...Shh has worked her butt over these last couple of weeks with tons of DIY projects. She is as ready as can be for her day! Then after that...what???

Ohhh ...
Looking forward to S3...Shh recaps (Dang have I even done any recaps??? LAWD!!!)

I guess we go on living without wedding talk. We move on to MARRIAGE talk! :o) Maybe even BABY talk?? LOL

Hopefully we can still blog from time to time...maybe even turn this into a marriage blog? But until then...all wedding talk is coming to an end. *sigh* Bitter sweet...


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