Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say YES to MY Dress

It was a crazy weekend. It started with E and I going to a cool event Friday night called Art. Sole. Life. Saturday morning I got up as usual to go downtown to the courthouse to volunteer with Sister to Sister. I get there and the room is not split in two. I see the girls are trying to move the partion and I start to help. Well one of them was off the track and it feel on my foot! *sigh* HURT LIKE FOR REAL!!! So now I'm hobbling along and looking crazy! I go home and put ice on it and keep it elevated, but in the back of my mine I know that I have to go to this Bridal Gown Blow Out Sale on Sunday! I just HAVE TO!

Well Sunday I get up and it's still a little swollen but ain't NOTHING keeping me from this sale. My girls AKA Team GREEN meet me there and we are ready to roll!

They had the madness well managed and long story short... I FOUND MY DRESS!!! And to make it even more PERFECT it was exactly a month to the date that I got engaged. I don't even feel like I'm moving quick like that, but obviously I am! LOL!! LOVES IT!!

I can't believe I've already found my dress!

Let's keep this ball going!!! :)


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