Friday, October 1, 2010

DCSquared's Proposal

E and I have been together for 3 1/2 years. We've discussed marriage on several occasions and were even in pre-marital class. So I knew the proposal was coming. WHEN?? I had no clue. But coming?? It better had been. Naw that was very BRIDEZILLA-ish, huh??? LOL

So on September 24, 2010, he told me that we were going to eat with some of his friends that were in town from Memphis for a conference. They were staying at the W hotel downtown. He even said they wanted to discuss opportunities about moving to Atlanta. He also said we had to get dressed up! I'm like WHAT??? NO JEANS!!!!!!! So I was NOT happy!!!

That same day the Groupon for the day was for Spice Market. That's the restaurant at the W and the place we were headed. So I'm like send this to your friend, since he got us out here GETTING DRESSED UP! HMMPH! I mean I was sooooooooo stank y'all! :( SMH lol

We get there and he asked for reservations under his FAKE friend's name, Rob Brown! lol We sit in the lounge and wait for them. He ordered some Riesling for us. AGAIN...stank attitude. I'm like so you just going to order for me??? What if I wanted something else?? PLUS he told me to sit across from him and NOT next to him!! By now the attitude is RISING!! The waitress comes out with the wine and another lady is behind her with the ring on the tray. She puts it on the table and I'm in SHOCK!!!

I can't remember exactly what he said but I know it was beautiful! He had told me that his friend Rob's wife's name was Destiny. So he said his friend wasn't here but that destiny was here with us. Then he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! Actually I said OF COURSE. He told me the next day that I never said YES! SOOOOO I said YES...AGAIN! :) SMH lol

Then we go to get ready to sit down and I'm like is that my MOMMA!!! So of course everyone yelled SURPRISE!! LOL!! And then all I saw were my friends with their cameras! HAHAHA!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! :)

The best day EVER!!!!!!!



  1. hahah! I loved the stories! Felt like I was there! You both are so animated. Have fun and make sure you totally enjoy this process! - Bridgette

  2. Every bit of Donnica's side of the story sounds accurate. I've Donnica since 2000 and that sounds like her! Congrats Donnice and Ed!!

    Ricardo S.

  3. Wow, I could really envision it as I was reading it. Scary thing is, while I was reading it I was like, 'Dang!" I have a twin? I would have responded the same way.

  4. Awwwwww...thats so sweet...very creative.

  5. DOn't act like you know me Cardo! LOL!!! HA...but you do!! :) Glad I could convey it so that you all felt like you were there!

  6. The funny thing to me is that so many women end up being Sista Stank on the day they get engaged b/c the dude is acting a little different in trying to actually plan something for you. It's hard being apologetic for all that attitude, isn't it? LOL