Friday, October 1, 2010

And then we were RoBo...

I got engaged on July 6, 2010 to a man that I had known for nearly 7 years, shown interest in for 6, dated consistently for over 3, and had discussed the eventual possibility of marriage with for at least 1.75.  So, while it was a surprise proposal, it was not by any stretch of the imagination a ‘surprise’ that I was going to be getting married.  As a matter of fact, because of my basic need to be prepared for everything that is coming along, I had mentally planned the whole darn affair, save for the details such as a specific date and location shortly after I knew that there were going to be pending nuptials.  But, after he asked me in a room full of some of our closest friends, his family members, a bunch of strangers that he declared a part of the fold, AND my shock that this dude figured out a way to make me plan the proposal since we were at his birthday celebration, all of my carefully laid plans and thoughts flew out of the window.  I really wish that I had asked a pal or two to go chasing them out of Antico Pizza shop since I had taken such time and care to arrange those solidly laid plans (with a little of his input and a whole lot of input from some of my cohorts), but I was rendered speechless. 

Wow…  Save for the first few months of thinking that he was annoying after we first met at the home of some pals who happened to be his co-workers, I’d been digging this guy for a long while.  After years of getting to know his quirks, hang-ups, desires, gifts, and mannerisms – I was confirmed in my love for him.  After knowing how much he cared for others, his love for the Lord, and ability to nicely put me in my place when I so desperately needed it – I knew that we could build a future together.  So, why… how… could his officially asking me to marry him lead me to a point where I have completely turned my mind into some sort of mush, just trying to fathom it all?  I’ve never been a supporter of any outside influence that alters my mind, but this high is pretty nice.  I rather like it here and think that I will stay awhile. 

Now, do not get me wrong… from time to time, folks try to blow my high.  Most of them do not mean to do it, but I still keep in mind that I know what it is:

-Less than 3 minutes after the man put the ring on my finger (and it was obvious to ALL that I had no clue that he was doing it considering the way that I was in a back corner choking down a slice of pizza when he called me to join him as he addressed the crowd), someone asked me when the wedding was.  Wha?  I have no clue, in case you didn’t notice, we haven’t had the opportunity to discuss those matters yet.  Slow your roll, let me take it all in...

-Between he and I, I’m sure that we get at least 3 folks per week who just KNOW that they are being invited to the wedding, though they were not aware that we were engaged prior to the moment that one of us JUST informed you.  If you don’t know by now… then chances are that the litmus test is telling me that you are not on the list.  Sorry.

-Though the day was magical and the newness will hopefully never wear off, life does go on.  Other bonds have to be created, unions formed, families molded… so other folks are also going to get engaged to be married!  Just as I am sure that those persons in my life are happy for me, I am also happy for them.  While Bridal Wars was a cute concept for a movie, I really hope that is no one’s reality.  There are 365.25 days in a year, while there are billions of people who populate the Earth.  Besides, it would be selfish of me to expect for someone to honor any day other than the month of February as my very own, wouldn't it?

-We are not open to discuss when anyone can expect children from our union.  DISCLAIMER: Unless you are going to regularly contribute to the diaper, babysitting, and/ or college fund, then I am SURE that you can wait to hear the news the good old fashioned way… ON FACEBOOK!  We'll set up a college fund shortly after the wedding to get a head start.
The Proposal

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  1. hahah! I loved the stories! Felt like I was there! You both are so animated. Have fun and make sure you totally enjoy this process! - Bridgette