Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flexibility is KEY...

During this whole process, I am having to constantly remind myself that the ONLY idea that I can actually 'marry myself' to is the fact that I am getting married to Mr. RoBo.  All of the other ideas, events, centerpieces, activities, relationship dynamics with others, etc. are free to change, but my focus has to remain on what the MAIN theme of this whole thing.  The commitment that we are making to God concerning our union as husband and wife. 

When I first started planning, I NEEDED to get married in an amphitheatre.  I tore the Internet UP looking for one that was within an hour distance from the Metro area, that could accomodate our guests and was affordable.  Try as I might, I just could not locate it.  But, I was able to fall in love with another place.  It isn't the amphitheatre that I envisioned, but at the end of the day, if I had to come down some stairs, it could prove disastrous, so maybe it is for the best.

The other day, I was extremely down.  It felt like everything was going wrong.  Folks are having to drop out of the wedding like flies (all good reasons, but not what I envisioned at any count).  Family doesn't seem to be cooperating with making arrangements to come to the wedding, despite all of my efforts to make it as easy as possible for them.  Pre-marital counseling is SOoooo... mentally draining.  I had scheduled a meeting with all of my pals to go over the wedding plans with them, sharing my vision for the day with all of the photos and samples of what I wanted for the wedding day.  I stayed up for days putting it all together into a nice presentation for everyone to see.  I put in captions to share what was an idea, what was already purchased... etc.  I was impressed, I really enjoyed making it as well as the end product.  It bought a tear to my eye watching it all.  Then, the thank you video that I had at the end would not upload properly and that was the beginning of a downhill journey.  The computer wouldn't connect to the TV, so we had to watch it all in groups on laptops.  And, after a few days of no sleep making sure that I got out my vision, no one seemed to 'get it' at all.  I was nearly pushed clean and clear OFF THE EDGE!  I'm being told in one ear - this is YOUR day (Ugh.. I HATE that), but several of my ideas being shot down as infeasible when they are still in the infancy planning stage.  But, can I let that get me down?  Nope, gotta dust it off and try it again. 

From the start, the ONE thing that I knew was my colors - green & blue.  Since it is nearly time for a remodel in the house, I figured that I could use some of the decorations to change up the house which is in a blue & green theme.  Sweet.  Shortly thereafter, I came up with a peacock theme, perfect.  The venue is lovely for the most part except that their linens do not drop all the way to the floor (and anything else is simply unsuitable in my opinion) and the chairs are an eggplant.  So, after reaching the end of the Internet and not finding a price that I was willing to pay for chair covers... (why can't I find any for like .50?), I looked deep into the eye of the peacock to see that there is purple in there, so I can just throw a hint of purple in the decorations and the chairs do not stick out as much as I once thought that they would!  YAY...  another problem solved!

So, as I go about this, I have resigned myself to recall that the only plan that I am interested in going right is that we are going to be together at the end of the day, all else is free to fall as it may!

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