Thursday, October 7, 2010


Called me obsessed. I do not care!! I feel like this is a MUST!!!!!!!! I'm so in love with monograms!!! I HAVE to have one. I really want to get put onto a rubber stamp that I can use for mulitple projects.

Have any of you tried to DIY? If so, any suggestions of where I should start? Know anyone that could do a monogram and then put on a rubberstamp?

I've heard that power point and photoshop and the first stops. I'm going to try it and see what I can come up with.

ANY ideas or resources are greatly appreciated!!!

In the meantime...what do you think of the one I've posted??



  1. It was always my dream to have a family crest! Like... seriously, Shica? But, monogram is the next best thing! Remember SEVERAL years ago when you were getting your stuff for being a notary, we thought about ordering those stamps in order to mark our books? Maybe you could do it that way???

  2. Oh, BTW... as long as you don't have to recreate it, I like the one that you posted. It is a lot of detail if you have to redo it yourself, though.

  3. NO this is one that we created. I'm not completely sold on it though! Ed is working some other stuff out!

  4. Hey I know you and your girls are WONDERFUL with ideas but if you ever stumble on something contact Melaine Gayles.....She has been in marketing for years!!! She will know about the deals, how tos, and where two's lol