Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How Does The Family Usually Act?

Okay so I'm the only child AND the only grandchild on my father's side. So why I thought my family would be anything less than flying on Cloud nine??? I don't know!!! This journey is going to be OFF DA CHAIN!! I can already tell.

My dad has already booked my makeup for my engagement party. HUH?? I mean can I get some makeup for the engagement PICTURES?? Oh but wait...can I maybe pick out the makeup artist myself?? Naw...that's asking too much! LOL!!!!!!! Either way the person looks like they do AMAZING work, so I'm really excited.

We talked over the budget with my father. I went in bracing myself for the let down. DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN DONE ADDED STUFF? Told me my numbers were TOO LOW? Was that realistic? Had I done my research? WHAT??? ME?? DCSquared?? Oh no he didn't! LOL I was in SHOCK! The shock QUICKLY turned to confusion, which quickly turned back into SHOCK. And that's where I stay now, with things added on my budget that I swore I could do without!

My Aunt called me fives times the day after I got engaged asking if we were talking "wedding stuff" LOL It's hilarious. Their excitement has me even more excited! I LOVE IT!

So...how did your family react?


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  1. I've had some interesting ones as well. I'll blog about that one later... Ha!