Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where Do You Even Start??

How do you even begin the process of planning a wedding? I have several friends and associates that are married or planning, so they were MORE than happy to help in the process. #1 being of course SHIX!!!

I will suggest the FIRST thing is find you a great checklist. There are TONS of wedding sites out there...

Get Married
The Knot
Wedding Bee
Wedding By Color
Wedding Channel
Wedding Wire

Have I missed any?

Go to one of those sites and print off their check list. You wouldn't believe the things that are needed IMMEDIATELY after you are engaged. The question most asked right after "Congratulations" is When Is the Date? Can we enjoy just being engaged for a while? It doesn't matter that we knew the date even before we were engaged. You don't want to forget some of the small things like the ring bearer's pillow now WOULD YOU? :)


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