Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And then there were THREE!

As it seems that I can delay this NOT a SECOND longer....


Hello Everyone!!!!

Yes, the rumors are true, our already larger than life crew is celebrating Three Weddings and a Baby in 2011. No, I'm not preggers but I, S3...SSH!, am planning to wed the Cutest Thing Ever! on Saturday, Dec 3rd! Why the big secret, the reluctance to post, the Liz Taylor entrance????

Well for one, I am a bit overwhelmed! Helping the Original Zillas plan their days has given me a bird's eye view at just how stressful, crazy, exciting and admittedly FUN wedding plan can be. At first, I kept my little joy a secret cause my honey & I wanted to speak with our parents and immediate families first. Then we broadened the circle to include our closest circle of friends (though I still have a few calls to make!). And now it seems that our circle is including "dat internets" (said in my kuntriest old-timers voice)!

But more importantly...I am a SLACKER! Yes, it is true. I have grand schemes and aspirations at blogging but I never seem to make good on my plots. What's more, I am known in some circles as the world's foremost staller and can double-book like it's nobody's business! I mean well but I tell ya, if left to my own devices which includes a more than healthy dose of self-diagnosed ADD, I would stay in an infinite loop of "I meant tos". So y'all may have to prod me along this cyber journey from time-to-time else I'll fall up MIA!

But enough of that! I'm sure you want some deets on the dude, the deed, and the design.

WHO am I?

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lady RoBo and E=DC2 for now on 8 years. Since meeting, our circle of friends has grown to include a childhood best friend, a roommate, fashionista here and there, and some nuts just looking for a good laugh. We have shared A LOT over the years and so why not throw anotha wedding into the mix?


OMG(osh)!!! He is just about...where do I start....LAWD AMERCY I grow faint just trying to describe him!!! Gracious...he is Hands down the most patient, sweetest, silliest, proudest, and strongest Giant of a Babe that a girl could ever want. *SIGH*

HOW did he pop THE Question?

CTE and I have been pratically inseperable since the day we met. Truth be another post for another day...we've been talking marriage for quite some time now. We've known for awhile that we wanted to wed in 2011. So a few days after V-Day, CTE and I were waxing poetically about how much we meant to each other and our hope for our future when he very sweetly asked Me to Marry Him.

And I said Yes.

And then we chose a date - 12.3.11 (which happens to be the weekend in between our bdays!).

There you have it! The veil has been lifted. Now I don't wanna give up too much on our first date and all so till next time



  1. Welcome S3! WELCOME!!! Can't wait to read about your planning. It will keep me going once my own is up! HA!!! CTE...LOVE THAT!!! Super cute!!! The name...not the guy! Well not that he isn't cute, but know what I mean! LOL!!!!!

  2. ooh i'm a december 3 2011 bride too! congrats on your engagement and have fun planning/blogging!