Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pick a Song...

So, one of my good buds came up with an awesome idea for the reception table names.  We are going to name each of the tables at the wedding by different songs.  Love songs, or ones that mean a lot to us.  When your song is played, you hop up, dance around a bit, then go to grab your food from the buffet line.  We have had a blast pulling together the list & I had even more fun linking YouTube videos to it!

The List so far...
This group had fun with that video!
Jungle Fever soundtrack!
My family is coming to GA from VA, seems applicable!
How could you NOT have NE?  Isn't his version of the song pretty hot?  But, so is this one!  And.. this one as well!  And, last one... this dude is a BEAST with editing!
A-Town Stomp!!!  Look at the babies do it...
Man!  Could we get some singing lessons in between now & May?  LOL  
Nice to see an older guy showing off his talents!  And she's feeling it!    
Look at the wedding party dancing!  LOL
How could the day be complete without this one?        
Go 1:20 into the video, so silly!
Love this song!  
Kiss - Prince   
The best footage of this song ever performed is lost, so I will not post anything else!    
Too sweet!        
Way back! 
Great Rendition!        
Yes I can!   
Sing young man! 
Chills up the spine!        
I LOVE her voice!   
Sang boys...        
He starts about :45 seconds into it.        
Love this version!        
Candy Rain in 2011!        
I Got It Made...


  1. Great idea and different. Some of my faves are there ;)

  2. Oh I love me some NE! "STILL IN LOVE!!!!!!!! Oh, what would I do much in love girl..." ha ha ha. let me stop because I will be singing that all night!

  3. @Miss Tattoo!! Girl you are on it!!! We love us some NE and that song is PRICELESS!! You know they are reuniting this year?? :)

  4. Yes, they are reuniting, but I have put in a SPECIAL request that they not do anything new! LOL

  5. I could use two or three new songs now!!!!