Friday, March 25, 2011

Awesome Vendor Booked: ...Pho-tog-ra-phy

So, I've been a busy little bee...  bzzz... 

For all of those folks who say that there is nothing good to be found on Craigslist, I say pooh on you!  (I don't know how or why that has been my phrase as of late, but I'll roll with it for now!)  I was tired of going to websites to find a photographer within my limited budget, getting a little fatigued at folks who wanted to bring me in to upsell me to getting stuff that were simply not in my target list, and felt like I had reached the end of Google.  So, I did what any reasonable woman would do, I posted a 'wanted ad' on Craigslist.  And, the photographers that cared to work with me contacted me!  Now, why didn't I think of that in the first place?  Hmmm...

Well, I'm glad that I did what I did exactly when I did it, I found Sonya Yim!  Mr. RoBo & I met with her initially at a little restaurant and just hung out with her for a little while.  She's quite an interesting person, we had a ton of OCDs in common, and she's a pretty laid back, cool person.  We looked at the work that she had for weddings thus far and we thought that she had done a great job, we went back to the lab to make sure that it was the right decision.  I was on the high of the bridesmaids dresses almost arriving and was quickly deflated (I'll tell y'all the gory details about that one once I have a final solution, I'm telling that story ONCE), so I got scared of all vendors all of a sudden.  I reached out to her to explain our concerns - she agreed to do a photoshoot with the two of us so that we could see how well we worked together.  Not only did she come, but she bought along a second shooter with her.  (its her father in law, I read that story on her blog, it was so stinking cute, it was nearly unbearable)  We had a blast, and walking away, the guy & I already knew that we were going to go ahead and book her!

She's organized, takes a great photo, is responsive, constantly developing her talent and a pretty awesome person to boot!

So...  yep, go ahead and take a chance, honey!  Sonya Yim for RoBo photographer!  Whoop, Whoop!!!


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  1. Shica, thank you for your kinds words. You and Eric are fabulous people.
    I am excited that I am your photographer!