Thursday, March 24, 2011

Card progress

I just want to shout out to the best fiance EVER!!!!!!!!!!

He painted the cardbox all by himself!! :o) No seriously...he is an artist so I trusted he would know what to do. Well he painted the boxes with the first coat of paint. We have to go over them again and of course we have to add the details!

We are hoping that this

Card box with first coat of paint...and the C will not be sitting on top! I just did that for effects! :)

will soon be THIS! :)

 well not this but something like it :)
Just thought I'd update you guys on the progress!



  1. You're a step before me, I still need to find something...

  2. You can do it!! LOL!! I got these from Hobby Lobby for about $4!!

  3. You need royalties from Hobby Lobby! LOL

    Lovely! I'm gonna work on mine ONE DAY... Imma let y'all get the kinks out! LOL How much space did he leave on the lid of the bottom one in order when he cut it for the cards to fall through?

  4. You need to leave a ton!! Pretty much the length of the top box. Don't want them getting stuck! :)