Friday, March 25, 2011

Running Down the Aisle Anyone?

I've been trying to figure out my aisle runner for the last few weeks.  Talked to a few folks about taking on the challenge and having a few meetings.  And, we ALL know that I am far too complicated to have a simple white piece of carpet-like substance on the floor for the folks to walk on, no... RoBo Gal gotta have it personalized, based on the theme, all of THOSE bells & whistles, right?  Good, you know me well, then!  So... in my web searches, I've come across a few things to pique my interest!

 So, the quandary now is to figure out if the design would be handpainted by an artist OR a graphic design that is placed on the fabric by some sort of screen-printing.    Initially, I loved the idea of it being hand-designed, but then I considered having it made by a graphic artist.  I could give them some things that I was thinking of and see it before it is created to have a feel for what I want.  Also, I could use the same logo for other things... Menu Cards, Signage, possibilities go on and on!

Both of the options are on the table right now, what will be my guide?  You got it... PRICE!  LOL  I'll let you know what I come up with after this week!


  1. Ashely (Bride on a Budget) has a great post on DIY table runners that you could use for an aisle runner too:

    I ended up skipping the aisle runner for my wedding.