Friday, March 25, 2011


Thanks to Miss Tattoo I went back to the dollar tree hoping that maybe just maybe they will have something that we need! AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?! They did!!!

My Fiance had been telling me about the cylinders he saw. They were 7 inches so I wasn't too excited about getting them!

Well we stopped by a Dollar Tree as we were headed to the movies kind of far from the house and look what we found...
9 inch cylinders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! Only thing is we only found 8 and we need 16. However, what a coincidence that we have HALF. So I'm thinking if we can't find 8 more we can try to find 8 of something else?? WHO KNOWS!! I'm just excited about these! LOL!!

Anyone else have great finds?



  1. I'll look around. Don't forget to tell everyone when you get the other 8 so that you don't have 24 extra vases on-hand after having a deficit of 8! LOL

  2. Girl if I can find 24 i will take 24. I can't even find ONE MORE!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. the dollar tree is great! I've gotten lots of stuff there for our wedding! They are online too where you can order things in bulk!

  4. Yeah I gotta get on that!!